Say NO to D-Insurance!

  1. D-Insurance does NOT guarantee lower auto insurance rates in Detroit.
    It does NOT require auto insurers to keep rates low in the city of Detroit or elsewhere.
  2. D-Insurance limits the benefits available to Detroiters injured in auto accidents.
    It also limits benefits for children and other family members injured in the same vehicle, who would be limited to just $250,000 in hospital benefits and just $25,000 for rehab and recovery needs. The average cost of a claim for a catastrophic auto accident is more than $1 million per claim.*
  3. Detroiters deserve a better solution.
    D Insurance would provide Detroiters with inferior coverage in exchange for NO GUARANTEE of lower auto insurance rates.

*Calculation based on Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association data showing payment of $12 billion for nearly 14,000 claims since 1978.

Contact your legislators. Tell them to say NO to D-Insurance


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