Detroiters Pay the Highest Auto Insurance
in the State!
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Detroiters have long been burdened with the highest auto insurance premiums in the state while those in surrounding communities enjoy the same coverage at a much more affordable rate. There is no legitimate justification for the difference in pricing.

The solution proposed by Mayor Mike Duggan and his team is D-Insurance - to which we say NO.

Why? Because D-Insurance is a compromised, watered down policy that subjects drivers to substandard coverage should they be involved in an auto accident. Why should Detroiters be offered an option of compromised care as a solution to high auto premiums, when one has nothing to do with the other?

Detroiters deserve coverage that is fair and equal. Lawmakers should consider doing the following, which would lead to more affordable options for drivers across Michigan:

  • Developing statewide, comprehensive insurance reforms so that everyone realizes a cost savings without a reduction in coverage and care
  • Addressing real contributing factors to high premiums like waste and fraud
  • Eliminating ZIP code-based scores, occupations, education levels and credit scores as factors in determining auto insurance premiums